Bob Marley documentary “Who Shot the Shiriff”

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Bob Marley documentary “Who Shot the Shiriff”

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Hello everybody. Today I’m taking a look at the 2018 Bob Marley documentary “Who Shot the Sheriff”. I have long been a fan of Bob Marley, but I never realized where he grew up and the struggles he had trying to bring unity to his home country Jamaica. Marley was born in 1945 in Nine Mile, Saint Ann Jamaica. I was fortunate enough to be able to visit Saint Ann back in 2017. We stayed at a resort but we did go out and explore some of the country side. I wish this documentary had been made before and I could have took advantage of looking for some Marley history. When Marley was 10 years old his father died of a heart attack and 2 years later he moved with his mother to Trenchtown, Kingston. There his mother would date Bunny Wailer’s father and Bob and Bunny would live together. The 2 along with Peter Tosh would take an interest in music and would form the Band Teenagers that would eventually become Bob Marley and the Wailers. Their music was ska, reggae, and rocksteady style. Marley was a pioneer in this style of music and would gain a huge fan base in the sixties and seventies. Marley who wanted to help the poor people in Jamaica was often met head on by politicians and became the pawn in the 1976 election. Marley who was set to perform a free concert in Kingston to bring the people of Jamaica together was attacked at his home by 7 armed men. Marley was hit but still went on to perform the Smile Jamaica show. Sadly the government used some of the incoming equipment to smuggle guns in. The guns would go to gang members those who Marley was most opposed of. After the concert Marley moved to London for his safety. He would die in 1981 from cancer but has left a lasting impression on the world. Watching the documentary it was sad to see what happened in Jamaica and to some degree some things resemble what is happening in our country today. This past week the movie “One Love” opened in theaters. I’m interested in seeing this movie. It is based on the true story and looks like it would go hand in hand with this documentary. If you have not watched this go check out this documentary. Have a great week everyone.
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